Olga Aksyonova
Head of Development, Ukrainian Athletic Federation

Basic Biographical information

Olga Aksyonova was born on March 1, 1982 in Kyiv, Ukraine.  In 1988 she started first grade in International Relations Lyceum, which she graduated with honors in 1998.  

During her school years, she also studied in Great Britain (1995) for a year and was a Junior Counselor in Beachmont camp, Baltimore, MD in USA.

During 1998-2003 Ms. Aksyonova went to International Relations Institute of the National Taras Shevchenko University of Ukraine, receiving MA in International Private Law in 2003. Simultaneously she has obtained an MA in Ukrainian Legislation in Kyiv Law University. In 2004 she started working for United Nations Development Programme in Ukraine as a National Justice Advisor for the Gender Project. Ms. Aksyonova has been with UNDP for 8 years with two maternity leave breaks. In 2013, having changed the direction in her professional sphere, she joined Ukrainian Athletic as a Head of Development.

She is a mother of 2 daughters, a wife, a daughter herself and a sports official.

Description of the sports work

I am Head of Development of Ukrainian Athletics. My department comprises of 3 sub-departments: development, marketing and press service. Basically, I am focused on mass participation sport, sport for youth and social responsibility projects. I am in charge of fundraising, PR, sponsor and partner relations, managing the press service, along with generating new ideas on how to promote athletics in Ukraine, launching innovative initiatives that will help raising awareness on the healthy lifestyle, etc. I am also engaged in the International Kids Athletics project and its implementation in Ukraine.

I am a member of the European Athletic Strategic Communication Commission that is a consulting body to the European Athletics Executive Board and Council on matters concerning how European Athletics and its activities are understood and perceived by Member Federations and other constituencies in the sport.