Tesfaye Negussie
Associate Producer, Negussie
Tesfaye Negussie is a trained and experienced multi-media journalist with experience in digital platforms, TV, radio and print. He produces, narrates, writes and edits his own stories.
He currently works for espnW as an Associate Producer where he produces and edits features, sports highlights and travels to shoot and edit for sport-related events. He also has experience working for "SportsCenter" where he has produced features and highlights.
Tesfaye graduated from Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism after winning the Chancellor Scholarship towards his admission. He has published several articles for an array of publications and has produced packages for TV, web and radio. He has freelanced for ESPN.com, NBC's TheGrio.com, The Washington Post, PBS, NPR, The Village Voice, among other media outlets.
After attaining his Master's degree from Columbia University in broadcast journalism, Tesfaye worked in production for PBS's news-magazine show "NOW on PBS with David Brancaccio" for one-and-a-half years where he helped produce a TV package that won the Hillman Prize for Journalism.