Jacqueline Arlen
Owner/Operator Project Walk, Victoria Arlen
Jacqueline Arlen opened the first Project Walk on the east coast in January of 2014. Project Walk Recovery Centers are the world leaders in treating individuals affected by paralysis and mobility-related disorders. Project Walk's mission is to provide an improved quality of life for people with paralysis through intense activity-based recovery programs, education, training, research and development.
Jacqueline's passion for helping others is deep seeded and one that really came to fruition after the illness and paralysis of her daughter, ESPN reporter, Victoria Arlen. When Victoria was given no hope of ever walking again in 2013 after eight years in a wheelchair, Jacqueline brought her to the Project Walk Headquarters in Carlsbad, California for three months. Little did she know that during those three months her life calling would touch her heart and forever change not only her life but Victoria's as well.
After opening Project Walk Boston, not only is Victoria now walking but the lives of many have been and continue to be positively impacted.
Jacqueline lives in Exeter, NH with her husband, Larry, and is not only mother to Victoria but three son's, LJ, Cameron and William.