Katie Moses Swope
Owner/ Publicist, MoSwo PR
Prior to 1997, I volunteered and interned for every sporting event or network out there from Atlanta to St. Louis to both get my feet wet & my name out there. Between Special Olympics, NFL, corresponding from Atlanta as an Olympic special columnist or running the press operation for the Charles Schulz Memorial, I have had wide experiences in the field of public relations. It wasn't until 1997 when ESPN hired me to join their communications department that I truly learned the meaning of PR and how to do it well under every circumstance including crisis situations. Sixteen years and more than 100 events later, I developed relationships with media, athletes, sponsors and action sports icons who made it the best part of my job at ESPN. In October, 2013, after having my third baby, I wanted to have the balance of doing what I love and being a mom. I started MoSwo PR to specialize in sports PR, work with pro athletes, give them exposure and help to tell their stories.