Christina Kahrl
Christina Kahrl is a national MLB writer and editor who joined ESPN in 2011. She originally got involved in baseball in 1996 by helping co-found the Baseball Prospectus, a think-tank responsible for industry-leading sabermetric analysis online, a bestselling annual season guide, and additional books. As an editor and publisher, she also helped launch similar quantitative sports analysis in basketball and football, and has been a contributing editor to ESPN’s NFL Encyclopedia. She was part of the first group of online writers voted into the Baseball Writers Association of America in 2008.

Kahrl is also known as the first sportswriter to come out as transgender, transitioning in 2003. An active citizen, she has organized and participated in public protests against discriminatory businesses, worked on community-led reform to protect trans folk from predatory policing in Chicago, trained police departments and court personnel in the Midwest on how to treat trans Americans for the Department of Justice, and served on the boards of social justice and social welfare organizations as Chicago House, the Trans Life Center, and Equality Illinois. She is also a former member of the national board of GLAAD. She was inducted into the inaugural class of the Gay & Lesbian Sports Hall of Fame in 2013, and into Chicago’s LGBT Hall of Fame in 2014.