Sara Gotfredson
VP West Coast Multimedia Sales, ESPN
Sara is the Vice President West Coast Multimedia Sales at ESPN. A 14-y ear industry veteran, Sara joined ESPN in 2005 as a Digital Account Executive in the Chicago office. In addition to managing more than 50 digital accounts, Sara cultivated key client relationships and overreached her goals in her first year. Additionally, Sara played an active leadership role in developing and implementing new processes and strategies for the digital and multimedia sales teams and led the integrated planning process with TV and Print counterparts. These new processes were then integrated into other sales teams within the organization. In 2007, ESPN recognized Sara as the Digital Account Executive of the Year. In her previous role as Senior Director, Sara led the San Francisco and Pacific Northwest teams and drove more than 70 % territory growth during her five-year tenure. Sara also created a new sales structure for the San Francisco office along with a companywide cross functional strategy team by optimizing communication and value from key national accounts.

Prior to joining ESPN, Gotfredson was digital account executive at CBS Sports Line, where she developed sports marketing tactics for top-tier clients. In 2002, the company recognized her as National Sales person of the Year.

Sara, a native of San Diego, CA, holds a bachelor’s degree in Science and Business Administration from the University of San Francisco. In 2002, she received a master’s degree in Arts and Sports Management also from the University of San Francisco. Sara currently resides in Brentwood, CA with her husband Casey and their lovely daughter (and future espnW enthusiast) Anna.