Darren Brown
Trainer for Sarah Brown
Darren Brown, originally from Gainesville, FL, serves as Sarah’s husband, coach and training partner. From day-to-day, Darren wears multiple hats and has learned to balance his titles well. As a former 3-time all-American at the University of Texas, Darren became half of the first father-son duo to break the 4min mile barrier when he ran 3:59.99 in 2008. Darren would go on to compete at the post-collegiate level, winning the inaugural B.A.A. Road Mile and making the finals of the 2009 USATF Championships, but ultimately hung up the competition spikes to return to graduate school and begin coaching/training with Sarah. Since graduating from his MBA/MS Sport Management program in 2013, Darren has continued to coach Sarah, while also joining the EllipitGO team as Strategic Marketing manager, where he helps champion the same integrated training approach that has helped Sarah reach new levels of performance. As a husband, Darren is elated about his firstborn, as a coach, he is excited for the training challenge and as a training partner, he’s pretty sure his job hasn’t gotten any easier, despite the pregnancy!