Pamela Akplogan
sports journalist, Radio Tokpa
I am a Local development & Education specialist, and professional sports journalist. I hold a Master's degree of social sciences and bachelor of business law.
Involved in humanitarians issues through my activism and because sports help to become "ME" (strong, able to raise ideas and voice, confident, independent, beautiful, winner, wealthy), I decided to dedicate my holidays since 08 years to street kids issues as sports and non formal education volunteer. Basketball save me after the lost of my father while I was eight and help my mother to educate me well because through it, she found a way to protect my childhood.
Trainer and public speaker , I always passionately conduct tranings and motivate people.
Athlete and Founder OLADE Network which will become a center, we are promoting another education and leadership through sports and dialogue for peace in communities.
I am a young woman driving development projects and looking forward to a challenging career that enables me to contribute effectively to the global and local development.

I am currently the Chairperson of Africa scout youth forum. With my sense of volunteerism and community service, I am contributing to have a better world by mentoring young people become leaders and advocating for their rights.