Sandy Nunez
Coordinating Producer II, ESPN

Sandy Nunez joined ESPN in 2007 where she worked as a Coordinating Producer on SportsCenter in Bristol for two years before moving back to the west coast. In addition, to supervising the show, she also oversees the Studio Production department based at the ESPN facility at L.A. Live downtown. The launch of SportsCenter in Los Angeles on April 6, 2009 marked the first time ESPN's flagship show was broadcast outside of the headquarter office in Bristol, Conn.

Nunez came to ESPN from ABC News in Los Angeles where she covered domestic and international news for nine years. Her work was shown on World News Tonight, Good Morning America and Nightline. Assignments included Immigration Reform, Hurricane Katrina, President Reagan's Funeral, 9-11 Twin Towers Bombing and several political democratic and republican conventions. Internationally, she covered suicide bombings and violence in the occupied territories in Israel in 2002 and healthcare in Taiwan for Peter Jennings’ special series in 2003. She was also posted in Turkey and Qatar for several months during ABC’s 2003 war coverage.

In 2001, Nunez helped establish a new bureau in Seattle (2001-2005) where she was responsible for news coverage in the northwest region as well as daily production for all ABC show platforms. In addition to her work at ABC and ESPN, Nunez also worked as a news writer for KABC and a producer for CNN. In 2004, Nunez was nominated for an Emmy for her work on healthcare in Taiwan.

Nunez, a native of California, resides with her husband in Marina Del Rey.